London Midwifery Collective

Holistic care, calmness & continuity from independent midwives

Who we are

 We are a collective of self-employed independent midwives working throughout London.  Our clients value the continuity, the calm  atmosphere, our holistic approach and acknowledgement of their individual family situation. 

 Our midwifery care includes pregnancy check ups and birth preparation, birth support at home or advocacy in a non-clinical role at the hospital when medical input is required. You will have daily postnatal visits for the first few days after your baby's arrival. This includes comprehensive breastfeeding support. 


 Midwife Sabine von Toerne also offers birth care as lead midwife for women who wish to give birth on the midwifery-led birth centre at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. 

 As Independent Midwives we are regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. We are individually accountable for our actions as autonomous practitioners and hold professional indemnity cover through our membership in the ‘My Midwife & Me’ Scheme. We work in a self-employed capacity, are responsible for our own tax payments and are not required to register for VAT. 

Midwifery Care

Antenatal Care


You will have your antenatal appointments in the comfort of your own home. We aim to get to know you well, so you and your family will have built a trusting relationship with us by the time you give birth. Antenatal care consists of

  • an initial consultation
  • Booking appointment 
  • antenatal visits every 4 weeks until 28 weeks
  • fortnightly antenatal visits until 36 weeks (incl. birth talk)
  • weekly visits from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby

During these visits we will assess the well-being, growth and position of your baby, take your blood pressure, test your urine and liaise with your GP or private healthcare providers to carry out screening tests and ultrasound scans. Should there be any underlying medical issues or should problems arise during your pregnancy that require input from an obstetrician, we will help you find a practitioner who understands your individual needs and supports your birth choices.

Birth Care


Most women who book care with an  independent midwife wish to give birth at home. While you are in labour we will support and guide you in a way that meets your and your partner’s and family’s individual needs. We have extensive experience in facilitating water births and will endeavour to make you feel calm and in control at all times.

 Many of our clients chose to use  hypnobirthing and mindful birthing techniques while in labour and nearly all families opt for a water birth in the pool with its proven benefits.  We will help you with all practicalities and make sure you are prepared for your birth in the best way possible. 

 We will always liaise with your local NHS Trust to enable us to cooperate well, should the need for medical input for you or your baby arise.


Postnatal Care


   After the birth of your baby we visit you daily for the first week. We will help you with any breastfeeding issues and ensure that you recover well from giving birth. Especially as a first time mother, you may have many questions and we will be at your side while you are getting to know your newborn.  

During our visits we will carry out routine postnatal checks, and assess your physical and emotional wellbeing. We will liaise with your GP and other health care professionals and specialists if required, e.g. physiotherapists and tongue tie practitioners.  

 We will teach you postnatal exercises to aid your recovery after birth. We introduce you to the basics of newborn first aid and can show you sling wearing should you wish.  Once your maternity care is completed, we will supply you with a complete copy of your maternity notes.