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The London Midwifery Collective Ltd

We are looking for 2 home-birth experienced RMs who speak English & German fluently

70-80% of our clients are German-speaking. Women who have previoulsy received maternity care in Germany, Switzerland, Austria have different expectations regarding their care provision. Knowledg & skills required to meet these expecations can be gained 'on the job'. 

Passion for the midwifery role, empathy & open, direct communication go long way

Ask questions. Always. No question is to small. If you cannot remember certain information, think you may be able to improve your knowledge base or believe one of your skills has gone 'rusty', please discuss training needs when you apply. 

Earnings will be 40% above the NHS agenda for Change.

Other 'perks':

Flexible working hours

Management of own diary

Part time work possible 

(40%, 60% or 80% of 37.5 hours

Overtime will of course be paid


Please send your application by 31/05/19 to: 

The London Midwifery Collective Ltd

Sabine von Toerne, RM, BSc (Hons) 

65 Astbury Road

London SE15 2NP

United Kingdom

'Birth Matters... It matters because it is the way we all begin our lives outside of our source, our mother's bodies. It's the means from which we enter and feel our first impression of the wider world. For each mother, it is an event that shakes and shapes her to her innermost core.'

Ina May Gaskin

 'Respecting the woman as an important and valuable human being and making certain that the woman's experience while giving birth is fulfilling and empowering is not just a nice extra, it is absolutely essential as it makes the woman strong and therefore makes society strong.'

Marsden Wagner

 'Experience of the phenomenal capacity of our birthing body can give us an enduring sense of our own power as women. Birth is the beginning of life; the beginning of mothering, and of fathering. We all deserve a good beginning.'

Sarah J. Buckley