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Ella, Marc, Tom & Baby Polly


 “Dear Sabine, when I first contacted you, all I had wished for was that - with your support - I would be able to breastfeed this time! 

 Not only did this dream come through…. you have given us so much more! Thanks to you, Polly’s birth was an amazing experience, and for this we are eternally grateful. The trauma of Tom’s birth has healed and although Polly was in a hurry, too, everything went like a dream.

 Thank you for your invaluable tips, your thorough preparation and most of all your positive energy and your patience, creating an atmosphere of serenity and calm. Much love, E, M, T & E

Pauline, Martin & Baby Theo


 "From the moment we met you both we knew that you were the right midwives for us. Your combined wealth of knowledge, warmth, humour and respect for our choices, was worth so much. 

 We will never forget this truly amazing journey and, how much time you took for us, how valued we felt with our never ending flood of questions that you took time to answer thoroughly, your sense of humour, your warmth and the laughter that filled our house during your visits at times. 

 Thank you, thank you to our wonderful midwives! What a fab team we made to welcome Theo into this world”

Various 'hypnobirthers'


 "Kemi is an incredibly inspiring, passionate midwife who has made it her life's passion to put women at the centre of maternity care. I honestly can't think of a better person to guide you through the Hypnobirthing techniques."

"I stumbled across HypnoBirthing at the 11th hour literally but was still adamant that it would be beneficial to me & the birth experience that followed has completely changed my life in an amazing way."

 "Kemi is one in a million"

 "I didn't dare believe I could do it, and I did it! Thank you Kemi with all my heart."